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Love, the Creator

Love, I love when you caress my skin with the sun rays I Breathe In Your Presence feel your Essence you are bright as day your dome illuminates and nourishes me with vitamin D You Embody love and love bodies … Continue reading

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Love, the Destroyer

love, is the potential to see love in everything. it is the birds that sing as I am meditating and the sun is beaming on my skin. love is the waves of the ocean that sweep the beaches every morning, … Continue reading

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Love: my sustainer

I think of you and poetry seems to want to seep out of me. Im in bed but I cant get to sleep because thoughts of you are crowding me.                                     I imagine you surrounding me. Im senseless these days because … Continue reading

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fucking roses

I deserve all these beautiful things that no one is buying for me. and maybe the biggest problem is my understanding of how my awesomeness should be appreciated. its honestly like I take myself for granted. so if self love … Continue reading

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Sharing a little “wisdom”

I think wisdom teeth hurt so much when they grow in order to prepare you for when you have your own baby, just to give you an idea of what teething feels like. And remind you that it hurts.. In … Continue reading

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The social soccer challenge: review

The Social Soccer Challenge is a self explanatory event that takes place in Benoni once a month. It aims to unite young Ben citizens in a productive and active way, while incorporating it with the social element that we all … Continue reading

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Too Ugly to be Cool: the review

So I’ve been listening to this EP titled Too Ugly to be Cool, a creation of Mr Social & The Introvert (Too Ugly to be Cool). The two members of the Khaptive Fam have tackled the sound of mainstream hip-hop … Continue reading

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