Too Ugly to be Cool: the review


So I’ve been listening to this EP titled Too Ugly to be Cool, a creation of Mr Social & The Introvert (Too Ugly to be Cool). The two members of the Khaptive Fam have tackled the sound of mainstream hip-hop beats with lyrics the the everyday Joe (or Joan) can relate to.. Like, am I the only one that’s tired of hearing about all the rappers’ fame, bitxhes and money?

Their sound resembles that of trap music so it’s something id bump in my car occasionally (if I had a car…). Speaking of cars, these guys have a theory about girls being fiends for the VW Polo; “ViVo” to be more precise. (fiend- . an enthusiast or devotee of a particular thing). Apparently, “she’ll leave your ass for a ViVo” but, that’s something we can debate about later

I personally think that this EP was a letter of chest pain from these guy to girls out here. In addition to that, they’ve made use of a Rihanna beat that most of us have come love! But more on the note of “chesties”, I personally love it when a guy buys me things. So what happens to the guy that’s into me but can’t spoil me on a 100? The dude that can only “baeja” me ka airtime?  Should I just dismiss him for the rich douche bag? I actually almost felt like a bad person when I heard their point of view (almost).

See, Too Ugly to be Cool  samples a humorous little audio skit on their song “Tripping”, that actually sheds light on some valuable information

I’ve never heard any of my female friends saying “friend, I can’t wait to meet a guy who’s a real jerk!”

Overall, the hooks are quite catchy and had me singing along almost unaware. Almost like how we always remember the jingles on advertisements. LOL, but don’t take my word for it yo! Hear it out yourself


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