But what was i supposed to do?

Sit and wait, hoping one day il be good enough for you?

I cant really expect that of you though coz im not even sure im good enough for myself

Anyway, this is just a bad case of karma

I told someone who loved me the same things you told me

That whole “ i really like you but youre just not ready for me yet” story

He was the guy i knew would do anything for me

Il call him anytime and he’ll come through for me

But here i was obsessed with you

Id be calling him but coming through for you

And you told me you didn’t mind that i was split in two

Then u act surprised when u get a text saying fuck you

I put up with your lies and stories for long enough

Coz you say you like me but you wanna fuck my cuz

You taught me some shit that il never give you credit for

You taught me some shit thats got you begging for more

But this is not the time or place

Im just glad i finally gave you your space

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