A little branch of knowledge


The branches of the tree behind my house are beginning to green. They had those cute little pink flowers in them not too long ago; I actually was amazed at how that dry ass tree had made such pretty little delicate life.

There’s a male weaver bird in the tree. His wings glow with this bright, beautiful yellow as he flaps relentlessly, weaving. The fuzzy feathers around his nose and chin have turned intensely orange from him constantly weaving his now, four nest palace. I began observing him about two months ago, in July. I had always seen that little grass cave with a hole at the bottom hanging from the tops of other trees, but I had never seen the actual process of it all. It was spectacular! Mainly because this creature was swinging upside down on a twig, flapping for dear life and perfectly crafting an airtight grass basket. A basket fit for his queen (and his heir), with nothing but his mouth and a touch of nature.

He wasn’t so lucky in finding a mate with his first nest. He sounded the mating call and waited. A young chick flapped along (excuse the pun) and she perched herself gracefully on a twig quite far from the young man, and tilted her head. He did some sort of welcoming dance where he flapped and sang and chirped and jumped every-where around his little nest. Personally, I thought it was cute! But after analysing the nest, the little lady flew away. His colours were more on the dull side, and I’m guessing the nest was too small since the young chick couldn’t even turn around in the nest.

I saw him make the first nest bigger and then make more nests that are as big as the first one. The tree also became brighter to attract life and pollination. More female birds were beginning to arrive and perch themselves on twigs, like little princesses at the ball trying to be the one that the prince will choose! His wings had less grey and brown tones in them; they were warming up with the weather and turning him into the sun’s reflection. Seeing him made me blush a little bit. I also chuckled at the fact that he was starting to reject some girls. It reminded me of the society we live in: the more you have, the more people you have trying to be around you. So you need to learn to choose your friends wisely, or at least remember who was there with you from the beginning. People love to show up once you’ve “made it”.

Females are beginning to nest in the tree that is beginning to green behind my house. For me, this is a reminder that hard work pays off and you will always reap what you have sown. With a little faith and determination, my dreams will come true and I will enjoy the benefits of the work that I have put in. Investing in what I believe in can sometimes feel like a walk alone in the dark, but it is important to remember that the sun will come up tomorrow, when I will have to work even harder. My purpose will be fulfilled and my soul can move on to the next dimension. I like to think of dimensions as stages in a video game where you become more powerful (and closer to The Devine) in every stage that you progress into. However I don’t think the birds have analysed their situation to that extent.

The wind blows through the green leaves of the dry tree that’s growing directly behind my house. Only recently have the skies been giving off liquid, and there are more sprouts of green beginning to emerge out of the tree’s ashy fingers. The little grass caves swing firmly from the tips of thin branches. Surprisingly, the weather reminds me of autumn and not spring. I had never imagined that such a dry tree could hold so much priceless knowledge

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