In Daveyton, fitness is a street bash!


Aerothon is an aerobics marathon that takes place in and around Daveyton each consecutive fortnight. This is a different type of marathon because it happens at local pubs, and it allows D-town residents to use their facilities for more than one purpose. Daveyton is mainly only popular for the drinking and social festivities that take place at these local pubs and spots, and these festivities usually end in all sorts of crime. It is a refreshing sight to see that what is usually destructive is being used to construct.

The idea came from two local fitness instructors: Crosby (Mahlatse) Machate and Sibusiso (Chicken) Zwane, who help to keep Daveyton fit by offering two free aerobics classes daily at the Sinaba Stadim. The first Aerothon took place at Pule’s Pub&Grill @Mabaso, followed by a Lapeng Village Aerothon experience. The first one that i attended, the most recent one, took place at The Dawn Pub. Basically, what happens is that the street that surrounds the venue (where the street bash would usually be) is transformed for a short time, into a fitness bash.

According to an article written in The Mail & Guardian in May 2014, 7 out of 10 women and 4 out of 10 men in South Africa have more body fat than what is considered to be of a healthy standard. ( Sibusiso said in an interview that the daily aerobics classes and fortnight marathons are intended to help the residents of Daveyton become more health conscious, and so it is wonderful to see that Aerothon events bring out approximately 100 fitness enthusiasts when they take place. With a huge variety of people taking part in the action, anybody and everybody can join in the fun.

When Bystanders were asked to share their opinions about the occasion, some of them said that they had no idea that people in Daveyton could be so active. Others said that they were glad to see that the streets of our township were finally being used to end the lazyness in Daveyton. The next Aerothon will take place at Love Corner (corner Sibeko street and Eiselen street, Daveyton) on the 9 th of May from 7:00 A.M. For more details on this event, contact Mahlatse (0835332457) or Sibusiso (0735522676).


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