Love, the Creator

Love, I love when you caress my skin with the sun rays
I Breathe In Your Presence
feel your Essence
you are bright as day
your dome illuminates and nourishes me with vitamin D
You Embody love and love bodies thee     
only you can see what’s inside of me coz you created me.
you and me til Infinity.
oh Love, I hate when people use your name in vain
I feel like they don’t know what they’re saying
we’re out here waving it around without meaning and now it’s tainted
but you give me meaning
everytime I take off my shoes to pray I feel you
nothing can take the joy that I have when I’m with you
so I guess it’s a good thing that I will always be with you

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Love, the Destroyer

love, is the potential to see love in everything. it is the birds that sing as I am meditating and the sun is beaming on my skin.
love is the waves of the ocean that sweep the beaches every morning, every evening, and every moment in between. love is the skies filled with smoke and hopes of finding gold    
The absolute disregard for anything else but your love
I love love but love may not be enough to save us
Maybe we should practice hate to save what Love gave us
They say the begotten Son came to save us with Love but love couldn’t even save him
When will this “love” end? Or maybe the question is where        
Maybe when “dust to dust” and “ashes to ashes” is in the air.
But fuck, we’re already there!

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Love: my sustainer

I think of you and poetry seems to want to seep out of me.
Im in bed but I cant get to sleep because thoughts of you are crowding me.                                    
I imagine you surrounding me.
Im senseless these days because all I want is this feeling 
Same shit that made Marvin write sexual healing

Your essence transcends and reaches my presence.    
I remember your scent in the most random setting
You make me feel like im worth the effort that you put in to adjust my smile settings 

I love it when you deny me my kisses. And lick my face. And every time we get back up from an argument I realise that you really were worth the wait

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fucking roses

I deserve all these beautiful things that no one is buying for me.
and maybe the biggest problem is my understanding of how my awesomeness should be appreciated.
its honestly like I take myself for granted.
so if self love is the potion, then il buy myself some fucking roses.
because I want them. and I deserve them.


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Sharing a little “wisdom”

I think wisdom teeth hurt so much when they grow in order to prepare you for when you have your own baby, just to give you an idea of what teething feels like. And remind you that it hurts.. In case you forgot


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The social soccer challenge: review


The Social Soccer Challenge is a self explanatory event that takes place in Benoni once a month. It aims to unite young Ben citizens in a productive and active way, while incorporating it with the social element that we all enjoy. The soccer games are played by teams of six a side and they play for about 20 minutes. The most recent one that took place was the first one for this summer because really, we can’t be sitting chilling at the park in winter. Some greatly appreciated improvements were made on the set up of the social during the winter, such the mobile toilet! Gosh there’s nothing worse than not knowing where to pee after a few cups of something.. And also adding centralised music to the event because before, anyone and everyone would be playing music from their car, and that just takes away from the element of unity.


Although there has been continuous growth and support for the event, there is hardly ever any feedback given by the public. The “yay’s and nay’s” of the social, and the little things that would make this gathering all the more special and enjoyable for everyone

The first and most prominent issue is the effective integration of the soccer that is being played to the social festivities that are taking place. The main problem here is that when there is a game being played, the social birds and butterflies have no idea, unless they are socialising around the pitch. Also, the players get caught up socialising and delay the progress of the games. Another thing that needs to be addressed is girls; it’s not a party without them. Girls do come to the event but there are no seats for them to sit and watch the soccer, so they end up socialising around cars where they can lean or sit down. Yes there are girls that enjoy watching and even playing soccer, but not all of them, and surely not all the time? Perhaps if it was set up as a picnic type vibe, with the opportunity to swag out and dress up, it could be appealing to the girl that’s not really into soccer


But anyway, here’s what I was thinking: first, let the teams pay to play. That way, there can be a reward at the end of the challenge and all the players will be focused on the games. It could even attract more teams to register. The inception of a girls’ league would effectively attract more girls to the event (if they’re playing for money, you know girls love money). This will generate some sort of a revenue that will assist in paying for the mobile toilet, the generator for the music and possibly even seating arrangements for the supporters. The supporters could pay an admission fee to fund seating but, how are you gonna make us pay to be at a park?

Another thing that can be done to unify the social to the soccer is if the games are commentated. If it is possible to have the games commentated while there is music playing it would really draw the supporters to the soccer. See whether they like it or not, there will be that little element that tunes them into the game. The only problem with this is finding a commentator that is committed, reliable and most importantly entertaining.


I saw a food stand and people selling loose cigarettes this time around, which means that some people are seeing the SS challenge as a way to grow their businesses and gain exposure to a different market. I spoke to a few people at the event and some said that they enjoyed the event but they wouldn’t come every month because they know that they could always come the following month. However I believe that with the implication of the above suggested solutions, people will have a reason to come every month and continue to support the initiative

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Too Ugly to be Cool: the review


So I’ve been listening to this EP titled Too Ugly to be Cool, a creation of Mr Social & The Introvert (Too Ugly to be Cool). The two members of the Khaptive Fam have tackled the sound of mainstream hip-hop beats with lyrics the the everyday Joe (or Joan) can relate to.. Like, am I the only one that’s tired of hearing about all the rappers’ fame, bitxhes and money?

Their sound resembles that of trap music so it’s something id bump in my car occasionally (if I had a car…). Speaking of cars, these guys have a theory about girls being fiends for the VW Polo; “ViVo” to be more precise. (fiend- . an enthusiast or devotee of a particular thing). Apparently, “she’ll leave your ass for a ViVo” but, that’s something we can debate about later

I personally think that this EP was a letter of chest pain from these guy to girls out here. In addition to that, they’ve made use of a Rihanna beat that most of us have come love! But more on the note of “chesties”, I personally love it when a guy buys me things. So what happens to the guy that’s into me but can’t spoil me on a 100? The dude that can only “baeja” me ka airtime?  Should I just dismiss him for the rich douche bag? I actually almost felt like a bad person when I heard their point of view (almost).

See, Too Ugly to be Cool  samples a humorous little audio skit on their song “Tripping”, that actually sheds light on some valuable information

I’ve never heard any of my female friends saying “friend, I can’t wait to meet a guy who’s a real jerk!”

Overall, the hooks are quite catchy and had me singing along almost unaware. Almost like how we always remember the jingles on advertisements. LOL, but don’t take my word for it yo! Hear it out yourself


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